SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19


The Canadian people have been lulled to sleep by a de facto political system that does not represent them and is currently designed to undermine the very fabric of our rights and freedoms. This has become obvious with the criminal fraud that has been forced upon the people with the CV-19 agenda that is extinguishing our Charter Rights and Freedoms and is a concerted attempt to destabilize what is left of our democracy.

LOCK DOWN – of our provinces and isolation internment centres across Canada as well as the vaccine passport on the horizon should raise concerns for any democracy. Made even more daunting with the censorship of countless doctors and scientific opinions that question the main-stream media CV-19 narrative that seems to be aligned with big pharma ad dollars more that journalism.

TESTING – The Johns Hopkins university CV-19 test that most doctors use called the PCR test, does not measure for virus, only genetic material that represents a list of virus like symptoms. The CDC has stated 94% of cases were not accurate but the PCR testing is still used in Canada to instil the fake news MSM fear “case” narrative to shut down our country. Why when countries and States in the US are opening up.

FACE MASKS – The is no scientific evidence that supports the wearing of face masks other than to “market” a FEAR narrative and cause co2 related fatigue and bacterial lung infections.


  • MODeRNA and Pfizer are NOT “vaccines” but gene therapy (or modification) technologies.
  • They do NOT prevent infection or transmission (as admitted in their own SEC filings and published literature).
  • They are allowed to be administered under emergency use authorization EUA only (not yet FDA approved until after 2 years of experimental use).
  • Manufacturers enjoy 100% legal immunity against lawsuits resulting from injury or death while under the status of emergency use authorization.
  • 50 times higher rate of injury and death to-date as reported on VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) compared to the annual flu shot. 2000+ deaths and 26,000+ injuries reported so far in system which usually reports only 1% of all incidents. The Vaccine injury court has paid out $4.5 billion in injury claims since 1986 with only 1% successfully winning the claim.
  • Pathogenic Priming or Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) will likely result from the mRNA technology that will cause an over-reaction of the immune system 6-18 months later upon future exposure leading to a severe cytokine storm, sepsis shock, and possibly death.
  • These vaccines are essentially able to cause AIDS or autoimmune deficiency syndrome. Many victims have tested positive for AIDS after this injection. A lifetime risk of cancer, allergies, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, and other neurological disorders are highly indicated from this gene modification technology.
  • mRNA co-opts a molecular machine called a ribosome which then manufactures the actual spike protein (s gene) of the alleged-to-exist SARS-Cov2 virus to produce a severe immune response. This spike protein then migrates into the cell where it can indirectly begin to permanently alter the DNA of life!
  • Nano technology within the hydrogel transfection vaccine can be programmed by the 5G network to manufacture both viruses and vaccines within the body using your own proteins and nutrients, all without your permission. It is cryptocurrency-enabled to provide a Chinese-style social credit reward system only with good behavior (see Microsoft patent #WO2020060606-A1).
  • Forced medical intervention such as masks or vaccines is a gross violation of Document (Section) 6.1 of the Nuremberg Code and is considered a war-crime against humanity.

The NEW FEDERATION PARTY understands the role of Government is to represent the men, woman, children and families that make up our society and not the globalist vaccine agenda.


Under the “Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms” federal, provincial or municipal governments can only violate our freedoms temporally and in a narrow fashion to deal with a crisis, and as some are aware, there are restrictions and limitations on these temporary violations implemented for a period of 2 weeks back in March 2020 to supposedly stop the virus spread and lower the curve.

 Even if these lock downs had saved lives to which there is “no evidence”, under the Charter, the onus is on the Government that when they violate our freedom to move, to assemble, to travel, to associate and worship that those measures are doing more good than harm, and clearly they have not met that onus.

The need to keep the nation healthy must be balanced against the need to take away our rights and freedoms. Without the other three, the first is unachievable, because getting the balance wrong will swiftly become authoritarianism unseen since Nazi Germany.

This current Canadian Government has prioritized the treatment of Covid over all other conditions, including the most lethal killers we face today – cancer, dementia, heart disease, and, for those under 40, suicide. In perspective Alberta has had approx. 300 CV-19 related deaths with a population of 4,000,000 persons, this shut down would seem criminal or corrupt at best. ( unverified results because no virus test is being used)

We know for certain that the failure to treat these other mass killers diseases will produce thousands of excess deaths, as medical experts like Professor Carl Heneghan of the Oxford Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine have warned.

Meanwhile, the example of Sweden suggests that Canada’s draconian action may have little impact on the final toll from Covid-19. However, for us to debate real questions, many in Government and the media coin it as irresponsible conspiracy, the New Federation Party calls it corruption.

So instead of open debate we see a vicious cycle of interactions between broadcasters, Government, tainted and corrupted science and public opinion based on fear that the image of masks provide. This has now pushed our cities, towns, provinces and country towards ever more repressive measures.

If the aim is to save life, the fear and lockdown approach is totally counterproductive, since the result will be many excess deaths from the big killer diseases.

We have a divided population, split between those who have taken an intelligent interest in the CV-19 facts and a panicking majority who have been simply terrified by the broadcast medias constant fear doom and gloom biased narrative.

Banned under the ‘rule of six’

The broadcast media has a sad lust for creating panic, which makes the news feel important and exciting. And while the reality is slowly dawning, panic is still what most people feel. The result is a cycle of destructive behaviour, which threatens our lives, our futures, and our freedoms.

The unbalanced and fear based behaviour of our provincial and federal Government marks a profound change in the way we balance the present and the future moving onward.

Previous generations were prepared to sacrifice everything to ensure that the future would be better for themselves and their children. They faced far greater threats from disease than we do, even with Covid19, and yet they continued to strive, to work together, to build never shutting down our country during wars, flus and other issues.

Uniquely, this current Government/s have chosen to throw up the hope of a better future to tackle an illness that would hardly register a blip by historic standards. The damage that has already been done is immense. To inflict more would be disastrous. It’s time for the Canadians to return to our senses, and support representation that WILL STAND UP and walk in the right direction even if the crowd is walking in the wrong.

The New Federation Party will seek to calm the hysteria, share the facts and put Covid into a rational perspective while finally allowing Canadians a political force that represents the people.

Every single person who joins us makes a difference. We welcome your support.


The NFP will stand up for the sovereign people of Canada against human rights infringements and also pledge to support Canada’s recovery from Covid-19 while ensuring truthful scientific balance policy position within this crisis:

  1. Work with humanity

Taking the liberty and essential freedoms of large swaths of the population, many of whom will suffer long-term health consequences, is inhumane. Fear and isolation are killers in themselves. No one should be barred from a dying parent’s bedside, or force a child into a mask that is damaging neurological centres. We pledge take the side of the people and always act to protect the rights of our humanity.

  1. Give equal regard to all lives 

Scaremongering and the prioritization of treatment for Covid-19 is costing lives. Countless people will die because screening and treatment for terminal diseases is being postponed or cancelled. We face an addiction time bomb and a mental health crisis. The NFP will pledge a policy on Covid-19 that will give equal regard to all lives, allowing for the normal treatment consideration of life-years in assessments, and remove any restriction immediately that cannot prove to be saving more lives than it costs in the infringement of human and charter rights.

  1. Hold a comprehensive public inquiry and a balanced public debate

We need to examine every aspect of the response to Covid-19. That includes the driving science behind this plan-demic and the huge impact it has on health care, such as cancer; the economic impact and consequent mortality; mental health; and immediate investigations into the role of Government/s, media and big Pharma in stoking fear and misinformation. We need to hold those responsible to account and ensure that these things can never happen again, as this will not be the last time we face a threat from an infectious disease. Experts out side the payroll of the big-pharma need the freedom to challenge bad policies and bad science.

The NFP will pledge to hold a comprehensive CV-19 public inquiry to seek criminal investigations if it is found that criminal activity is apparent which seems to be the case as the facts come in.

  1. Safeguard all that makes life worth living

We are all used to balancing decisions about quality of life against quantity of life in what we do every day – we do it even when we decide to cross the road. The emergency policies take that out of our hands, saying that quantity of life is the absolute goal and quality of life must be destroyed to achieve it. The reaction to Covid-19 has seen livelihoods ruined, performing arts banned, grandparents told they can’t hug their grandchildren, young people forced to live for months in isolation. The NFP will  pledge to balance the risk from Covid-19 with safeguarding all that makes life worth living.

  1. Get the economy moving for the sake of our children

There is much talk of choosing between saving lives and a healthy economy, but the truth is that lives depend on a healthy economy. Our children will have to live for decades with the consequences of current policies: how many will be condemned to live in poverty as a result? We’ve mortgaged their future. We can’t afford to do more damage. The NFP will pledge not to recklessly put the mental health, jobs, futures and health of our young people of this country at risk through unnecessary mandatory mask or vaccine regulations.

PLEASE JOIN NFP and or DONATE to help our legal response that will defend your human and constitutional rights, and help us build our political platform for, and by the people of Canada.