Under the current de facto Canadian government all the attributes of sovereignty of the Canadian and tribal peoples have, by usurpation, been taken and transferred from the legally invested sovereign Canadian and tribal people to foreign corporate interests and entities and by a power above the forms, claim to act on behalf of Canadians but in fact only act in their stead

CANADIANS have watched Conservative and Liberal Governments give away our national resources including fresh water / oil / minerals at far below market value

CANADIANS have watched Conservative and Liberal Governments grow federal tax, provincial tax, gas tax, food tax, entertainment tax, property tax, sales tax, GST, HST whereby taxation is Out of Control and Canadians are now told it is normal to keep approximately $0.10 from each $1.00 earned!

CANADIANS have watched Conservative and Liberal Governments sell out our resources to Multi-national interests as well as the Bank of Canada’s right to print our own currency interest free /

CANADIANS have watched Conservative and Liberal Governments play the USA game of un-vetted immigration, gender and race baiting politics to divide Canadians in the name of their allied globalist agenda

CANADIANS have watched Conservative and Liberal Governments work hard on behalf of international corporations to create terrible trade agreements that leave sovereign Canadians without control of their country or our resources.

CANADIANS have watched the Liberal Government open the door to 5G microwave towers, and satellite 24/7 scanning without any 3rd party safety tests and against the advice and deep concerns of countless scientists and military personal for the over all health of the Canadian people.

CANADIANS have watched Conservative and Liberal Governments allow aerosol spaying (chem-trails) of our skies and weather modification that negatively affects all Canadians health, our weather and land and soil ph. value and environmental impact on the honey bee, plants and animals.

CANADIANS have watched Conservative and Liberal Governments allow vaccines to be imposed on Canadians sovereignty when not one has followed mandated safety testing in 32 years  (noted by Robert Kennedy jr / head of US vaccine taskforce)

CANADIANS have watched Conservative and Liberal Governments allowed full multi-national corporations to control and dictate the direction of our health / education & medical systems.

CANADIANS have watched Green, NDP, Conservative and Liberal Governments allow monopoly patents to undermine clean air and water technologies.

 The NEW FEDERATION Party for CANADA believe Canadians all deserve a legitimate Government that doesn’t just talk like they are for Canada, but actually work for, and on behalf of sovereign Canadians, like they are from Canada” 


The NEW FEDERATION Party for CANADA was to bring a lawful bring forth a mechanism to create a new federation and constitution that will only represent sovereign Canadians and not the stealth policies of the globalists, and their one world government agenda.

Globalism clearly functions opposite to sovernigen Canadians’ best interests, currently Canada is under a stealth “ globalist” system whose objective clearly represents a One World Government, they control our elected officials, the international Banks, Pharmaceuticals, and multi-national corporations that have destroyed the inherent sovereign rights of the Canadian people.

The global interests currently fund and endorse both the major parties in Canada as well as support the fringe parties to suppress the populist vote all to erode Canadian sovereignty thus forcing the multi-national monopolies and their policies over our medical, environmental and vast resources they directly or indirectly do or want to fully control.

In the globalist biosphere “the people” do not have a say in their governance and resources, as laws are created to protect their corporate agenda, including proxy wars and buying up media networks to create positive stories for their agenda or disinformation, against alternative news and whistle blowers. 


Our core principal is creating a new constitution and federation to give rights and powers back to Canadians .


We NEW FEDERATION Party for CANADA will focus on setting up a constitutional convention and putting Canadians voices first not only in words and slogans, but representing the core values and issues forgotten by the corrupted system in place.

Foundational principals  

  • A new constitution and federation to unite all political parties and Canadians to “Be the Change” for our children, our families, our Province, our Country, our Planet 
  • The return of Canada’ s right to print and control its own gold backed currency, and crypto currency 
  • Challenge Patent Abuse / any patent or patent sale found to prevent, infringe upon or undermine the inherent rights of humanity to have clean air / water / energy or health will be rescinded and become public domain 
  • Canadian’ s right to share in Canada’ s natural resource wealth to subsidize youth education, infrastructure and heath care 
  • Canadians right to reclaim the inherent lands known as Canada, from agreements or international treaty infringements 
  • To represent the inherent rights and treaties of First Nations peoples fairly and respectfully and help to bring back the hereditary honor of a proud peoples 
  • Canadians right to choose their health and wellness protocols without Government interference / interference that typically represents international corporate interests before Canadians 
  • Canadians right to truthful media, and uncensored “Internet Bill of Rights” representing uncensored free speech 
  • Canadians rights of passage, without undue policing or statue overreach 
  • Canadians right to the common law court system that represents the inherent human being first and foremost 
  • Canadians reclaim its right to be a peaceful country with a strong military to protect Canadian borders, not fight proxy wars 
  • Canadians right to a vetted immigration and immigration limits so as not to infringe on the current rights, jobs and income of current citizens 
  • Canadians right to open governance where MP’ s and MLA’ s are able to vote for the best interest of their electorate / not suppress true representation of the people because of multi- national special interests 
  • Canadians right to genuine privacy, free from current spy agency, AI, smart technologies and silicone valley infringements – make it illegal 
  • Canadians right to the health care and procedure of their choosing, not forced to use monopoly based health practices or services 
  • Canadians right to choose their families own health care protocols and education system without Government infringement or interference