POLICY OVERVIEW *all POLICY is subject to change, or ratification at the CONSTITUTIONAL convention

  • Canadian Independence

o   Create a New Constitution and federation for the lands known as Canada, Turtle Island, and its people including tribal peoples and treaties

o   Regain control and ownership of lands, resources

o   Canada resource income profit sharing for all Canadians

o   Transparent Government / block chain / smart contracted / open source

o   Support and protect local farms and ranchers from multi-nationals

o   Increase benefits to students and senior citizens from resource based revenue sharing income (RSI)

o   Reposes and return all crown lands, to Canadian ownership, where by citizens own their property / not lease from the crown as it is currently

o   Forbid the continued sale of Canadian birth certificate entities and records as chattel property bonds

o   Diminish role of NATO / UN / no more proxy wars

  • Bank of Canada 

o   Return the right of the Bank of Canada to print Canada’s currency interest free and instil this into Canada’s new Constitution to be protected by Common Law / away from foreign IMF / BIS control or interference

  • Repeal Federal Income Tax and CRA jurisdiction 

o   Abolish federal income tax / Taxation back to the Provinces

o   Abolish CRA, employees transferred into other national sales tax area

o   Create a flat rate non-essential “new item only” sales tax as revenue for the Federal Government.

o   Food and medicine will not be taxed; nor will used items such as old homes and cars. Sales tax only on non-essential items

  • Canada FIRST

o   On all trade agreements past or present / repeal TPP

o   Rebuild Canada’s local manufacturing industries and infrastructure

  • Courts

o   Return Constitutional Common Law to all courts and legal matters

o   Indigenous hereditary rights, judicial superior court representation

  • Immigration / merit and need based

o   Environment 

  • Repeal carbon taxation / clean energy policy
  • Revoke monopoly patents that suppress clean or free energy
  • Climate change / allow full open scientific environmental debate
  • National health and dietary

o   Restore parental medical rights over their children and families

o   Repeal corporate monopolies on cancer treatment and health research

o   Expand integrative health care / treatments / funding

o   Re-establish integrative, medical education system

o   Independent GMO food studies, labeling disclosures

o   G5 ban until independent 3rd party cancer related and health studies are done (currently there are none)



  • The NEW Federation Party forCANADA considers family farms to be one of the great examples of business.
  • Our “100 mile challenge” would support family farms and innovative agricultural businesses.
  • We will guarantee farm mortgages through our Canada Mortgage to facilitate growth and family farms.
  • We support back to the lands solution for small farms and farmers that promote heritage crops as well as family farms and we will protect them against multi-national monopolies driving them off the family farms, this is not acceptable in Canada.

BANK of Canada

  • In1974 the Pierre Trudeau Liberals caved to the Bank of International Settlements (central bankers) and gave the right to print Canada’s currency to global interests
  • Over a 108-year period (1867-1974) the accumulated Canadian debt was only $18 billion. After the Trudeau Liberals in 1974, the debt grew to reach $728 billion in 2017 with this sellout of our sovereignty indebting each Canadian $18,000 to the BIS bank
  • The new constitution will restore the Bank of Canada to its original purpose, by exercising its public statutory duty and responsibility to include making interest-free loans to the municipal/provincial/federal governments for ‘human capital’ expenditures (education, health, other social services) and/or infrastructure expenditures.
  • The new constitution will allow Canadians to take back control of their monetary system AND establish the Canada Infrastructure Bank to provide low-cost financing for new infrastructure projects interest free
  • The new constitution will allow Canada’s right to its own currency creation and to lend money to municipalities, and to build the projects their communities need interest free
  • The new constitution will mandate and smart contract a balanced budget with modern block chain technology



  • The NEW Federation Party ofCANADA believe Canadians own their resources not the international Crown Corporation based in England or multi-nationals it controls, as such we will honor the inherent rights of Canadians and establish the Canada Resource Share (CRS) program that allows Canadians to share in their own natural resources wealth, with a royalty pool from all natural resources equally paid out to each Canadian citizen monthly


  • All Canadians must be able to access high-quality child care spaces in every region of the country subsidized 100% by our families first Canada Resource Share (CRS)”. 
  • To promote the importance of health and sports for children and families / repeal anti sport legislation
  • Promote integrative wellness practices and nutrition into mainstream schools / education system


 SECOND CHANCE / No criminal records

  • We believe people make mistakes and deserve a second chance in life whereby citizens who have one time criminal records will be forgiven, this excluding sex offenders DD Murder or Rape.
  • We will also decriminalize hemp usage and the outdated controls hindering its many manufacturing and medicinal uses.
  • Marijuana basic use and possession offences will be erased in all police and court records
  • Trafficking marijuana offences will be reviewed on a case by case basis


  • Free Votes – The new constitution will allow our members to vote on all issues (other than budgets) according to their constituents
  • Referendum – Major policy initiatives will be placed on the ballot at election time to give the power of change back to the people.
  • Citizens Initiatives – (also known as a popular or citizens’ initiative) is a means by which a petition signed by a certain minimum number of registered voters can force a government to choose to either enact a law or hold a public vote in parliament in what is called indirect initiative.
  • Recall –  Recall election. A recall election (also called a recall referendum or representative recall) is a procedure by which voters can remove an elected official from office through a direct vote before that official’s term has ended.
  • Secure NFP Member Phone appthat allows real time polls / surveys / voting on policy, recall and controversial legislation



  • Equality is Not Entitlement but Equality of Opportunity
  • We will end the shames against the homeless, aboriginal and child poverty in our country this will be done with our Canada Resource Share (CRS) program
  • We will convince Canadians to do this because we are all Canadians and our vision of the future works
  • We understand a dollar invested in balancing crime prevention is equal to seven or more spent on criminal justice systems but to fight crime we must create jobs and end poverty


  • Our education policy is about equal opportunity for all. We will provide a program of economic financial support for every student in post secondary education to ensure that education is accessible for all.
  • Our CRS will pay students post secondary education for 3 years without debt (conditions will apply)
  • We will phase out student loan debt to relieve students of the burden of debt. Providing the graduate stays in Canada for a period of years.
  • We will renew funding to post secondary institutions for operations and expand education funding and grants to include integrative health and wellness programs.
  • Children will again be taught to think for them selves and be creatively encouraged opposed to being system programed.
  • All Schools will be 5G / Cell tower / cell phone free environments to maximize learning and focus in the class rooms
  • Physical education and body health understanding will be once again part of school system
  • Ban or control children’s / video Game Violence and movie ratings until the age of 13
  • We will create the infrastructure for 7 new sustainable City of Learning, campuses across Canada, whereby rural land will be purchased to build a city of learning, housing new ideas and innovations for the future.


  • We believe the vast majority of the Canadian citizenry is made up of responsible adults and persons, where by some may like to hunt or bare arms as a hobby in a safe responsible way, as such these Canadians should have the full right to do so, without government overreach. We do not believe in a gun registry of any kind and will maintain criminal and mental record checks and only Licenced individuals will be permitted to own guns. We will also immediately eliminate Bill C-71.


  • Coming soon


  • 5G cell network must be 100% 3rd party safety tested prior to implementation or 5G satellite in Canadian airspace


  • Vaccines must all be 3rd party safety tested and analysed with all doctors and nurses signing wavers of liability


  • GMO foods must all have 3rd party safety testing   



  • The new constitution will ensure though our national and international policies that Canada retains full independence
  • Create a council on Sport, Fitness, and Nutrition to promote the importance of sports for children and families
  • Inherent property rights of Canadian people grandfathered keeper of the lands for next generation with any trade infringement on these rights – repealed
  • Create “innovative measures” to overhaul the tax collection and reporting system to be more respectful to Canadians and their rights,
  • Set up independent non-partisan review board of MSM news that manipulate Canadians or our democracy
  • Control and repeal foreign ownership of Canadian resources
  • Rebuild Canada’s manufacturing industries and support home based and small business through grants and 3 year tax free growth period
  • Promote individual faith and its values within Canada
  • Take monopolies out of Cancer treatment and research Nitrilosides (Vitamin B-17) cancer prevention programs
  • All medical research funding be done by 3 rd party “elected” boards funded arms length by Government / big pharma royalty pool
  • Prevent unlawful private biased group funding of the medical system books and education system
  • Government contracts for Canadians and Canadian companies only
  • Full transparency and accountability records for all foreign aid and aid contracts
  • Revisit Canada’s role and financial commitment to NATO and UN and use money saved to build infrastructure and our military


  • Infrastructure rebuild / aerospace development
  • Each dollar leveraged with provincial and municipal Government
  • Return governing powers to Provinces
  • Repeal TPP
  • Support only Canada FIRST trade agreements



  • Keeping your “browsing history” private: Except in cases of fraud or potential criminal activity, all third parties must receive a citizen’s consent before they track and/or share their “internet history” with others.
  • Full disclosure when being monitored, and the right to opt out: Except in cases of fraud or potential criminal activity, third parties that track or monitor the Internet usage of citizens must, at the citizen’s request, promptly provide a full record of such data; and the right to have the data deleted.
  • Preserving the privacy of your social media accounts: Except in cases of fraud or potential criminal activity, no citizen can be forced to reveal his or her personal social media passwords, or be required to provide access to their personal social media platforms.
  • Ownership of your personal, digital content: All personal photos, images, videos, writings and recordings that a citizen creates and then uploads to a social media platform, interactive website or digital “cloud” will remain the Intellectual and/or Personal Property of the citizen. Unauthorized reproduction of their Intellectual and/or Personal Property will be prohibited.
  • Notification of injurious data breaches: Citizens must be notified about personally injurious security breaches.
  • Fair play on social media platforms and/or internet providers: Social media platforms and internet providers must be transparent with their rules and regulations. Censoring political opinions and/or political content must not be done arbitrarily or capriciously. Whenever possible, political content generated and promoted by foreign countries should be labeled as such.
  • Protecting children on social media: Social media platforms must enable parents and guardians to monitor the social media activities of their children. Parents and guardians must have the right to adjust settings and remove undesirable content on their child’s account.
  • Protection from “unfunded government mandates” on data-mining: Whenever the government requires businesses to track and collect the personal data of citizens, reasonable precautions must be enacted to protect the data. Business must have the right to petition the government for additional assistance.
  • Keeping your health and fitness data private: Personal data about your health, DNA (genetic), daily activity level and individual fitness, including the data collected by smartphones, smartwatches and wearable tech may not be disclosed without a citizen’s expressed consent.
  • Safeguarding email and text communications: Except in cases of fraud or potential criminal activity, a citizen’s personal email account and personal text messages will be afforded the same legal protections as “snail mail” (traditional mail).
  • Big tech companies will not censor free speech in anyway or have a political bias in any policy / including Face book / Twitter / etc.
  • Government or Banks will not be involved in oversight instead a non-partisan committee will be formed through one vote by each federal political party
  • We will seek global bill of rights from all countries to enforce over all non-censorship and freedoms of expression



  • Ensure Canada retains full independence from foreign interference of policy and trade agreements protect inherent and sovereign rights of Canadian people
  • Decentralize our Federal Government with more powers to the people of Canada and the Provinces
  • Honouring a grandfathered keeper of the lands for next generation, and any trade infringement on these rights or tribal rights will be repealed


  • Coming soon


  • Merit based immigration system / with family priority immigration


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  • Coming soon


  • Coming soon

STUDENTS / our future

  • We will also forgive student loans up to 100% for community service and/or achieving points based grade standards in each educational category, that includes most trades as well as the arts
  • We will fund 20 million dollars per year into student partnerships with young entrepreneurs, to encourage new ideas, innovations and business opportunities for the creative and business minded youth


  • Coming soon


  • “The new constitution will create a fiscal government regulated and mandated by block chain smart contracts to assure Government and elected officials keep their word to the Canadian people / where election promises are met and kept
  • The new constitution will create a fiscal government regulated and mandated by block chain smart contracts to assure Government and elected officials keep their word to the Canadian people / where election promises are met and kept


NEW Federation Party for CANADA