Brad Carrigan (interim leader)

Brad is a businessman and creative visionary, political nationalist and ethicist, who has run in federal politics, built successful companies, and as a Canadian recording artist, performed and headlined 3,000 seat venues, while also championing social justice causes for the homeless and tribal peoples of Canada. …

In 2011, Brad entered the world of Canadian politics, representing the PC Party of Canada in the Macleod Riding challenging the incumbent. Brad has since presented countless talks on political, integrative health and wellness related topics and has been featured on Canadian Radio, TV as well as a US cable TV Special.

Since this time Brad realized the parlamentry system in Ottawa was in fact a de facto Canadian government with all the attributes of sovereignty have, by usurpation, been taken and transferred from the legally invested sovereign Canadian and tribal people to foreign corporate interests and entities and by a power above the forms, claim to act on behalf of Canadians but in fact only act in their stead

Brad came together with and is currently working with grass roots and other professionals to propel the New Federation Party vision of a new constitution and federation and has accepted the interim leadership role until the up-coming party convention.

Brad and the NFP membership believe “It s time Canadians understand the system that controls them” and “change this system while we can” we have come to a cross roads where the populous needs to be pro-active to regain sovereignty that allows families the basic rights to decide their destiny, not the Governments that work in the shadows of the Multi-national interests.

The New Federation Party of Canada has come onto Canada’s political scene to challenge the old status quo, with real change and a new future for Canadians.