Formation of a Nation 


The Canadian people have been lulled to sleep by a corrupted political system that cannot represent them in its current form, even a separatist model inside the current parliamentary system with new colours, slogans and political power brokers will have the same results. Unless a new federation and constitution is created the corrupted system cannot legally change, and the innocence of the people will again be undermined, thus leaving them again disheartened and disillusioned within a system that will never lawfully represent them as the sovereign people they inherently are.

To ensure real change, our current political system must first be dissolved and recreated to represent the sovereign people, first and foremost while ousting the corporation and their globalist agenda from our political process. This new awakening starts with understanding our current form of political governance has been created in stealth to exploit the sovereign people, and under this current system Canadians cannot own their land, share financially in our resources or enjoy the natural sovereign rights over our families and loved ones without unlawful regulations and statute overreach encroaches more and more. 

The New Federation Party will change all of this and invoke a new federation and constitution for and by the people. 

Our NFP Mission:

The New Federation Party of Canada (NFP) is the future of Canadian politics, where a truly sovereign democratic federation is formed and new constitution created, one that represents a fresh new governance model to serve the people of Canada, first and foremost, fairly and openly, while disbanding forever the old corrupted political system that has undermined and exploited the innocence and good faith of the people for countless generations. We believe the time has come for change that opens the door to true democracy, outside the current system that does not represent the people a separatist   

The mandate of the New Federation Party is to establish a new Canadian federation, a vessel for the people of Canada to collectively create a new constitution through public consensus that creates and empowers the foundational principles of a new lawful nation and it’s mechanism to achieve these objectives. 

Our mandates will creates a new decentralized government to empower the inherent sovereign rights, and freedoms of all peoples, and encourage their collective voice to represent the true force of governance that embodies the consciousness of Canadians and …a new way forward and a new federation for Canada. 


This document represents the initial “Procedure” of the NEW FEDERATION Party for CANADA and is subject to change as public consensus about the purpose of our new federation and nation is formulated, and how to best achieve our goal in its design and creation.

The NEW FEDERATION Party for CANADA will bring together decision makers that represent a collective and peaceful process to establish a new lawful Canada that represents our inherent and sovereign rights, and then pass these rights on in perpetuity to following generations though the enactment the creation of a new and sovereign Nation of Canada

1.0       FORMATION of a NATION 

Requires a public consensus about the purpose of the new nation and how to formulate and achieve it. 

.    a) This will be established initially in Alberta where the people have shown desire to be a sovereign and democratic nation. 

.    b) The people among themselves will select, by vote or appointment, a temporary assembly (committee) and charge it with the formulation of a constitutional convention and how to elect the delegates. 

.    c) At our convention delegates will provide a draft constitution to the people for review and allow a public debate, to provide an opportunity to make consensus changes to the constitution. 

.    d) After a first public debate delegates will retire back to the convention to work out the changes, after which it is submitted again to the people for review and further changes, if necessary. 

.    e) This process is repeated until the constitution and formula is acceptable to a majority of the people. 

.    f) Then the people will vote to ratify the constitution to accept (or reject) the constitution with a pre-determined majority TBD by committee. 

.    g) If the required majority cannot be achieved, then further changes must be made until the formula becomes acceptable to the required majority of people. 

.    h) The entire process will be recorded and documented as proof of the constitution’s authority. 

.    I) On the basis of the constitution a government is then formed, which is contractually bound (social contract) to honor and respect it and conduct itself in accordance with the constitution. 

.    j) Now this sovereign nation is free to form a federation with other nations. 


1.1 For the avoidance of doubt, throughout this constitution the masculine implies a person of either gender.

1.2 “EGM” means an Extraordinary General Meeting

1.3 “NEC” means the National Executive Committee

1.4 “Rules” means Rules made by the NEC under this Constitution

1.5 Where the context so implies, the singular shall include the plural

1.6 Headings shall not form part of the meanings of Articles

1.7 “Branch” means a branch or constituency association


2.1 The Party exists as a Federal Party established to create a new federation and constitution for the country known as Canada. The Party name NEW FEDERATION Party for CANADA (hereinafter referred to as “the Party”).

2.2.1 The Party may also use such other names informally such other names as may from time to time be appropriate.

2.2.2 The Party exists as a Sovereign Federal Entity 

2.2.3 Elected members of the Executive Committees (EC) shall serve as Directors of the Party from the date upon which they are declared elected in accordance with this Constitution and the Rules until the date upon which their successor is elected.


2.3 The Party believes that Canada must be governed by its own sovereign citizens, not international trade and banking interests and that this governance shall at all times be conducted first and foremost in the interests of Canadian’s common law rights and freedoms that apply to represent the common law rights of sentient sovereign men, woman and children inherently known as Canadians, and will be applied under the new constitution and enforced under common law brought forth by the NEW FEDERATION Party for CANADA

To that end the new“Constitution”  shall cease to be subservient to any foreign power, persons, corporations or entities and shall not thereafter make any Treaty or join any international organization which involves in any way the surrender of any part of the inherent sovereignty of the sovereign men, women and children currently known as the Canadian People. The Party further believes that the integrity of sovereign people should be created in the new constitution for the Country know as Canada.

2.4 The NFP and its constitutional process shall conduct itself and its affairs in such a way that it does not discriminate against or in favour of any person on the grounds of their race, religion, ethnic origin, education, beliefs, sexual orientation, class, social status, sectarianism or any other basis. Further the NFP shall at all times adhere to the principles of the rule of law, liberty, democracy and respect for the human rights and the essential, traditional freedoms established of the people of Canada.

2.5 The Party is a democratic and will champion the following polices:

POLICY overview

Accountability and Integrity

Keeping promises is essential to having faith in true democracy. We will establish encrypted block chain smart contracts for Government to protect Canadians from deceitful policies

Our NEW FEDERATION Party for CANADA will legislate firm encrypted accountability. Ensuring smart contracts and accountability as the best way to restore Canadian pride and encourage true clarity in its democracy. 

KEY POINTS (subject to constitutional amendments or deletion) 

  • Elected Candidates will enjoy a free vote on all issues not mandated by our NEW FEDERATION Party constitution
  • The party proprietary phone app will be freely available to all member to securely use and communicate with other members / poll / survey and vote on all party / legislative and constitutional issues. 
  • Legislate the inherent common law rights protecting the ability of individuals to make all personal decisions regarding their sovereign rights, livelihood and families
  • Promote and encourage Canadians who aspire to improve their personal circumstances and those who seek to be self-reliant, whilst providing protection for those genuinely in need, to include our elderly, homeless and child poverty
  • Resource sharing – Canada has a wealth of resources that the sovereign Canadian must have a proportionate financial and environmental interest in, thus an annual or monthly royalty should be paid to each Canadian. 
  • Independence as a nation with a new constitution 
  • Decentralize federal government with powers to the provinces as independent states 
  • Proportionate representation to ensure each persons vote counts
  • Full Government transparency through smart contact encryption block-chain / exempt are specific national security issues
  • Regain control and ownership of all Crown lands, resources to be shared by the people of Canada
  • Honour grandfathered land patents so all Canadians can own their land
  • Abolish federal taxation rights given to the Provinces
  • Abolish Canada’s current senate and privy counsel
  • Return right of self-determination to the individual / common law
  • Canada FIRST on all trade agreements past or present
  • Transparent Government Trade agreements
  • Full disclosure on all government contracts and foreign aid programs



o   Promote family faith based values within a united Canada

o   Maternity leave bennifits 

o   Child day-care paid by CRS (Canada Resource Share) until Grade one commences

o   We will provide CRS (Canada Resource Share) full economic support for every qualified student in post secondary education to ensure that education is accessible for all.

  • Canadian students will no longer carry debt when they graduate but will support Canada infrastructure
  • Forgive current student loan debt / establish first home student subsidies after graduation / to include arts based recognition

o   Promote health benefits of hemp products and integrative health protocols 

o   Second chance policy / forgive 1st time criminal record on minor infractions except crimes or rape / murder / pedophilia

  • It is our duty to smart contract, all expenditures by Government to ensure dollars are spent in a manner that benefits all Canadians.
  • We will institute an encrypted transparent smart contract system “Social Auditor” to track and measure all Government spending.
  • There will be a diminished role for government in the economy, and it may not compete with small business on behalf of the global corporate cartels.
  • Canadians will determine what investments they make for their retirement
  • Repeal and replace Federal Income Tax Act
  • Reform and dissolve powers of CRA, abolish the Tax Court
  • Repeal bank held pension fund pay-out monopolies
  • Repeal taxation of all pension plans
  • Canadians right to create and exchange crypto currency
  • Re-establish a National gold backed currency / crypto currency


o   Reform the court system and reintroduce the Common Law Court into our judicial system, whereby the inherent being is respected and protected first and foremost by the power and jurisdiction of God supreme and its truth over our judicial system

o   Repeal statute law overreach 

CYBER / media 

o   Create Canadian internet “Bill of Rights” no censorship / privacy rights protected / except for proven criminal activities with court order

o   Create MSM journalism and media – code of standards


o   Repeal, replace or ban any national or international technology and or legislation that infringes on the full privacy of Canadians / cyber / smart technology / social media / phones and computers – exceptions allowed when terrorism or child related sex trafficking and paedophilia is known backed by a court order

o   Ban specific A.I. and smart technology that infringes of the privacy rights of the inherent person and Canadians

o   No voting rights to advanced A.I. technologies or their gender neutral technologies


o   Our natural environment is a treasure, and a great Canadian asset. Water is the oil of the next century…our natural resources have to be protected from corrupt trade agreements as our resources will be our currency on the world stage in the next hundred years.

o   The opportunity exists to transform our economy, retrofit our infrastructure (especially in cities), clean up our air and water and make this the “wealthiest” country in the world.

o   Enforce a strong and GREEN natural environment agenda for all Canadians

o   Ban unlawful hording patents that infringe on Canadians first right to have and use free clean energy systems


o   We will with tribal peoples for inclusive indigenous rights, promote heritage , music, multiculturalism and faith based values 

o   Representation on Canada’s supreme court and appeals courts

o   Ancestors day – national holiday honour the historic first nations peoples of Canada

  • Honour and protect all First Nations Treaties and Heritage rights 


o   We believe in a One-Tier health care system, 

o   Doctors and alternative health practitioners will merge and expand into one related health system without monopolies, to supply a wealth of expertize for Canadians diverse beliefs.

o   Through our new medical education programs we will embrace integrative practice and thought that allows more trained medical staff in Canada to fill the assessment and treatment needs of Canadians.

o   Introduce 3rd party oversight on Health Canada policies

o   Repeal monopolies on Cancer treatment and research

o   Establish the right to choose ones health care to include alternative medical practices and health treatments

o   All medical research – done through transparent and verifiable independent 3rd party studies

o   Repeal Federal Cigarette Taxes / phase out cigarettes under age of 18

o   Full transparency on all vaccine health studies, tests and injury lawsuits and pay-outs

o   Repeal any health related corporate immunity agreements that infringe on Canadians transparency rights

o   Government funding of independent medical education system to include alternative treatment and therapy

o   Establish elected medical transparency boards represented by Western / Holistic / Chinese / Alternative practitioners



  • We consider family farms to be one of the great examples of small business.
  • We will protect farmers from multi-national cartels that create terrible pressures to drive farmers off the farms and lands, using their monopolies and our legal system unjustly.
  • Review and ban toxic growing practices
  • Review and or ban toxic feed and hormone additives
  • Ban all GMO foods without full disclosure of internal studies /verified by 3rdparty independent studies and labeling disclosure

o   Help farmers reset farmland back to heritage natural seed

  • Food nutrition standards implemented
  • Promote and support hemp culture and new hemp products



  • We believe a well-equipped, highly motivated military is the key to our sovereignty and our place in the world. We are peacekeepers and diplomats – both of which take exceptional courage and determination without the dominance of any other nation. We need a real contribution towards world peace by ending the scourge of world hunger and disease in our lifetime.
  • Repeal all security agreements that infringe on Canadians inherent rights and freedoms
  • NATO and UN funding freeze / saved funds will be applied to Canada’s infrastructure, to subsidize a strong military to protect Canada’s national sovereignty and interests
  • Ensure proper controls over Canada’s borders and immigration policies
  • Ban and expose race baiting politics and group as an enemy of all Canadians
  • National resources must and will be protected with the inherent grandfathered right of protection from unlawful trade agreements that do not protect sovereign rights for the next generation as so forth
  • Transparent Immigration policies, merit based immigration point system approval
  • Audit Canada pension plans and programs for financial safety and security