.    The New Federation Party (NFP) bases its principles on creating a new uncorrupted Government infrastructure starting with a “new constitution” and a new federation for the Canadian people, whereby a new Canadian constitution will be “designed and created” by and for the people through a constitutional convention where delegates from across Canada will be elected, and create a draft constitution for public review and debate, and to provide an opportunity for changes and more debate until a final version is created. 
The entire process will be recorded and documented as proof of the new constitution’s authority, and on the basis of this new constitution, a legitimate sovereign government is then formed, which is contractually bound (social contract) to respect it and conduct itself in accordance with the new constitution.

The objective of the NFP is to create a unity process to achieve true dominion and sovereignty over our lands, resources, banking system, families and healthcare system, which under the current de facto Canadian government all the attributes of sovereignty have, by usurpation, been taken and transferred from the legally invested sovereign Canadian and tribal people to foreign corporate interests and entities and by a power above the forms, claim to act on behalf of Canadians but in fact only act in their stead. Understanding this perpetrated fraud against the sovereign people of Canada was un-relenting, the NFP was formed to establish a process to create a true government of Canada for and by the sovereign people of Canada


The New Federation Party mandate respects and honours all cultures, religious beliefs and faiths, and believe Canada is a beautiful diverse country for and of the people, where all laws and Government power, comes from our inherent sovereign rights and our Common Law… not an international unelected bureaucracy that currently controls our federal government policy, health care, resources, energy and taxation system

The New Federation Party will average back or eliminate those trade agreements, statute laws and regulations that infringe on the inherent common law rights of Canadians and their sovereignty. We will return the rights and powers back to the people to determine the future of their families and Canada as a whole, and give Canadians a fair share of their collective resources.